ApeSwap looks at what his users pay attention and introduces useful bonuses into their systems so that each user can help himself feel working with them token. Used ApeSwap apparent interface and an easy way to replenish and withdraw coins. All because ApeSwap is a Decentralized Exchange / Automated Market Maker, Yield Farming, and Staking platform on Binance Smart Chain. $Banana progressive token, which has plans for their future and developed.


$BANANA is the native currency of the platform. We can bet, pool, and earn $BANANA all on ApeSwap. You can also find something special that may not be on other platforms. Apeswap has an extensive list of services that they provide to their users. But there is one that stands out and has a banner character is farms. Now 29 such farms are open in which each person may participate depending on the money and the bet he wishes to choose.

Farm is an opportunity to invest your money and know exactly what through a period you get multiplied in the interest rate of the $banana at the same time not to spend your funds.

  • Stake BANANA to earn new tokens.
  • You can unstake at any time.
  • Rewards are calculated per block.

Higher APYs & Rewards with BANANA.. For example, users that are staking mooBNB would earn their normal APYs + a layer of BANANA rewards on top 🍌

Safety Safety: $ Naut Plising Graph

ApeSwap to ensure the security of monkeys and prove the commitment of the astronaut team, they are combined with their Cryptex Locker partners to locate and lead the initial means.

1. Once IAO is done, the BANANA gets burned and the BNB goes to NAUT. 25% of this BNB gets locked for 3 months.

2. NAUT locks 50% of all their NAUT LPs (e.g., NAUT-BANANA, NAUT-BNB, and NAUT-BUSD) for 3 months.

3. In addition to this NAUT will be locking 50% of their team tokens for 3 months, to then be released over 6 months.

Capitalization of this banana about 23 million and in circulation of about 90 million, this statistics affects its results in such a small time.All results can be viewed online on the site: https://apeswap.finance/ .Each action that will perform an APS will be published on the site.Banana is easily trading because its liquidity exceeds its number of money in turnover, thereby people can truck them for margin or invest in long-term investments. The site has a stock exchange in which you can exchange or buy tokens.Or you can use a banana wallet to store your funds. Here everything is very fast and hassle-free, the commission for the exchange is only 0.3%.

My opinion about ApeSwap Finance:

My opinion is that such a token is the best that you can use for the initial stage of working with cryptocurrency because everything is done as simple as possible and conveniently. But also for experienced people who will break it clear that this token has great potential and how to trade it and Store at home is very profitable.Large capital invested in Token will say that it will not have a quick drop of tokens as well as divestream that holds the ApeSwap to strengthen their coping reinforces my words.

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