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For novice cryptocurrency users, there is one big problem — entering the sphere. To buy tokens, you have to look for exchangers or wallets that are supported by exchanges. Now it is difficult to exchange fiat into a token immediately and without losing interest on funds. DeGeThal offers you to immediately buy tokens through them using your fiat account or bank card. This is a great way to help beginners remove losses when buying a promising token. DeGeThal also plans to pay in stores or other establishments using your wallet script.Such a plan will be implemented by the end of autumn 22. Just like banks, they will provide an opportunity to store assets in different currencies, and the speed of transfers will be minimized every year. The most important goal is to quickly and conveniently make an exchange from any currency to any token and back.

The second part of the token pre-sale is starting now. The first one took place from 23.08 to 23.09 and the entire desired volume was redeemed (2000 DTM / BNB). From 01.10 to 01.11, that is, the second and last sales auction (1600 DTM / BNB) is now taking place, then the company will work on the community and communication with it.On the second presale, the price will be 25 cents, which is 5 cents more from the first and 5 cents less from the sale after the listing.The listing itself will be on December 1 on a Premium CEX, but all the news on its release will be in 48 hours.
The entire exchange will work through smart contracts and Binance Smart Chain wallets, which contributes to the development and acceleration of transactions.

DeGeThal will issue 100 million tokens, but only half will be in circulation. All information that will appear will be published on partner sites and on well-known forums, for example , there are also 13 other sites with which DeGeThal cooperates. For all participants there will be airdrops with different levels of bonuses and, accordingly, a reward. Because DeGeThal wants to encourage its early investors and give them maximum profit. Also for the first investors there is an opportunity to get plus 25% to stacking and other bonuses from airdrops.

Recently, DeGeThal presented a view of their program on android. The first applications will be on MetaMask
and Trustwallet, but they will both work with BSC and will be connected to the browser. Also right now , through these two programs , you can buy their token by simply choosing BSC instead of Ethereum. Tokens will be automatically distributed to your wallets after pre-sale preparation.

The company has a large number of specialists who will monitor its performance. You can view each of them on the website. And contact them via email. They will be happy to help you with your problems and tell you how to solve them. The rest of the issues in the future will be taken up by a separate team to save you and their time.

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