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4 min readJul 18, 2021

Aspen presents Non-Fungible Historical Tokens(NFHT). What is it ? This is a token that not everyone can buy when they want, but only the person who will win “in the lottery”. What it is, the program generates a random number of tokens, but up to 60 and can sell them to a random person, on average 30 tokens are sold per series. Each token will be associated with something, either an important person in the story, or an important date, or custom image that had a role in the historical events that the series is based on. Every historical moment will coincide exactly with real life.

How to buy a NFT token ?

The token can be purchased on the website where each user either decides to sell their tokens or place a bet or buy. To attract a large number of people, they made it possible to buy using many well-known trading platforms that support ERC-721 or ERC-1155 sales. Everyone will be able to view the full schedule of purchases and sales and availability (NFHT). Apes will not take a commission for these sales, so you will buy for the real and unchanged price of your token, or if someone wants to redeem you, then you will dictate the price at which you would like to sell it.

The first sale will be American Revolution, will be priced at 150 USDT per NFT most likely it will be the cheapest purchase compared to the rest of the lots. The one who is lucky enough to get it will not just have a token, but will have the first token, which has an even greater price than all the others, it is worth participating in this. NFHT is one of the three applications that apes wants to release. But they will not leave NFT as a chip just for this token, they want to introduce dLAND into their platform. dLAND — is a credit platform for students or working people who need housing. Aspen provides them with a loan in the form of housing from a verified homeowner. All the money will come to aspen in the form of a token from investors, and she will decide which country and region to send the loan to. Also, each investor can determine the country, region or choose the person to whom he wants to give a loan. This will ensure a minimum percentage of commission costs, which will lead to greater confidence in the payment from people. But in order for investors to be sure that the money will come back to them, the interest rate will be lower to avoid devaluation. Aspen invites holders to deposit their NFTs with us and earn an interest rate similar to a fixed deposit account on their NFTs assessed value. This will be the estimated value of the token and it will be the first of its kind since the earnings will be without selling and losing the estimated value.

Distribution tokens

Aspen will issue 40 million tokens. 10 million will go to the developers, but the payment will be within 5 years. 5 million will go to advertising, and the rest will be placed in the hypersphere. The hypersphere is a De-Fi model only in a 4-dimensional system. Hypersphere combines all the pools into one that allows you to trade pairs, threes or fours simultaneously. It will be able to accommodate an infinite number of deposited tokens, but in order to ensure stability, it will be necessary to limit the number of tokens for exchange so that tokens with low volumes do not get into the hypersphere. To do this, at the beginning of the opening, 30–40 known tokens will be added there. It will also have automatic security functions for user deposits. The point is not to introduce irregular transactions into the hypersphere that will affect its liquidity. Even liquid providers will not be able to trade for a certain period, which will vary from 6 hours to 1 month. This is done because the asset price is acquired during trading, rather than a not constant. She will also help her other projects such as dLend and from other companies.

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