Netvrk what is it ?


Virtual reality is a world created by technical means, transmitted to a person through his senses: sight, hearing, touch, and others. Virtual reality simulates both the impact and the reaction to the impact. To create a convincing complex of reality sensations, a computer synthesis of the properties and reactions of virtual reality is performed in real time.Virtual reality objects usually behave close to the behavior of similar objects of material reality. The user can affect these objects in accordance with the real laws of physics (gravity, water properties, collision with objects, reflection, etc.). However, often for entertainment purposes, users of virtual worlds are allowed more than is possible in real life (for example: fly, create any objects).

What now ?

Now the company is developing its own platform and will soon be released. after that, the main focus of the company will be on developers and they will invite people to their platform. These people are going to create the most convenient and attractive platform for developers. They are going to offer conditions that other platforms that exist at this moment cannot offer. It is clear that when netvrk works, developers will be uncomfortable somewhere or will lack tools from other applications, but netvrk is going to take into account all the requests from developers, thereby fixing or modifying its platform. The platform has many partners who have built their own small platforms and are now investing in other projects to maintain their token.



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