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3 min readJul 9, 2021

The most famous platform for adult content is pornhub, but not everyone can post videos or photos there. People need to be famous and have a large portfolio before they want to shoot there. Because of this, there are no new people ready to shoot or upload photos, but you will say that there is onlyfun and anyone can upload there. Yes, if you do not take into account the large percentage of commission that they pay. People have no other options for how to get into this industry other than posting photos and hoping that someone will notice or algorithms will promote you to the top. Nafty decided that it would make a platform on which all these problems would not be. They created one platform for posting videos, photos, and communication. Nafty removed the restrictions on promotion and everyone can invite users from anywhere. Since the platform is based on the blockchain the commission will be minimal and each content creator will receive the maximum profit this will push new models to post their photos or video. Everyone who will hold Nafty tokens will receive dividends from each transaction, regardless of whether they watch the content or not. Also, each content creator will be able to provide exclusive content in addition to posting photos, videos and communication, where they will receive payment in the currency that they specify.


At the moment, Nafty has developed its own product and it is now completing its platforms for launching tokens. Now there are 3 platforms which will use Nafty as their token: the first is a fan club as an online fan only on the blockchain, which contributes to the development of content since the commission will be minimal and most of the money that the platform has earned will go to the creators. This will stimulate the creation of high-quality content and attract more models for a variety of content. The second is the NTF trading platform where both the creators and the collectors can earn profit from their artwork. It is already ready, but the official opening will be on the 14th of this month. The third is a subscription to content like netflix, it also has a monthly/yearly fee . The platform will start its work on the 20th and many will already be able to purchase subscriptions to well-known models who have agreed to cooperate with Nafty.

People who have joined

So far, a couple of well-known models are cooperating with Nafty, namely:Eva Elfie, Liya Silver, Luxurygirl, Mila Azul, Little Dragon. You can follow the progress of the platforms and the models that have appeared on the official website:

My opinion

Now the project is developing and everyone can take part in the modernization of platforms or the addition of some ideas. Nafty fully gives itself to the community and will improve in the direction in which it tells him. I think this is a good replacement for the old well-known sites and will give an impetus to the development of this industry on both favorite and new platforms.

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