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TFS is an ERC20 token, which is also deflationary. It can be used or obtained after the game. The token was introduced for the Fairspin platform. It will be possible to make purchases on this platform at the expense of it. The online casino has about 338 thousand users, and the profit is 4 million.

What does the token have?

TrueMining — Everyone can mining, but only on the gaming platform and the token will given away at the end of the game day.

TrueStaking —Stalking can be used on Trueplay in the widgets tab.

Token issuance is governed by a smart contract which will be released every day depending on market demand and price and the daily GGR in the platform.

TFS is a deflationary token which will eventually be redeemed from the general pool, thereby creating deflation and increasing demand. This will contribute to the development of the token and the desire of people to hold a large amount of the token.

Distribution token

1st stage:

The distribution of TFS will begin with 3 rounds of Private Sale, Pre-Sale and a Dutch auction with a limited offer of 15 million tokens put up for sale. The price of the token in each round will be set at the level of:

0.1 $ for a private round.
0.15 $ for a pre-sale round.
At the Dutch auction, the price starts from $ 1 with $ 0.2 as the reserve price.

2nd stage:

After the sale is completed, a pool will be collected. It will consist of 10–20% of the total token sold and this part will be sold 50–100% more expensive at auction.

3rd stage:

Next, the program for placing the token in FairSpin is unlocked. Three stacking options will be used to make a profit.

  • 1 day — Reward pool 1% from FairSpin GGR.
  • 3 days — Reward pool 3% from FairSpin GGR.
  • 7 days — Reward pool 8% from FairSpin GGR.

Fairspin and what is it needed for TFS token

Fairspin is a casino, with a large number of users who play and win real money. There are also mini-games, virtual sports, promotions that attract new users even more. Now about 10 thousand users visit the site every day. And for this community, a token was created. They will be able to withdraw this token to fiat or continue to turn the wheel of fortune. Since the industry is developing, they decided to make an alternative source of login. The token will be in great demand as it will be earned in games that everyone loves to play so much. And after receiving tokens, they will be able to spend them on entertainment in Airspin. Due to the large number of people, the profitability of the casino has increased, but they are not going to stop there and want to attract even more people thanks to the token. This is their main task for this Q3.

My opinion

I think it will be a successful token because the casino will develop and a lot of people will come to the token in a place with it. These will be people from the games and people who will follow the success of the casino. With the greater promotion of the casino, a large number of token holders will come and in the future they will come up with various additions that will optimize it for new holders.

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