TFStoken for a casino

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First of all, the holders of this token will be people who play Fairspin . Because these people spend their time playing there. It is profitable for them to keep it or spend it, because the commission will be lower than through online wallets. It will also be possible to get a token in the traditional way — to mine. However, tokens can be obtained through betting on games. After your winning bet and the completion of the match, you will receive your tokens and will be able to use them at the casino. Everyone will be able to find matches in which he understands, it can be like esports or football, volleyball. These people will support the cost of the token. But the cost of the token will also be supported by the Fairspin website itself. Every day, 10 thousand people play or bet there. And with the help of a token, it expands its popularity and the audience grows.

The purchase of the token will be controlled by smart contracts. The token is also a deflationary token-it means that a certain number of coins will be burned or withdrawn from circulation every month, it depends on the percentage that the developers will show. That is, they will buy the token and create a shortage in the market so that the token can be worth more in the future. Thus, all the same holders win for a long time. This is done because the token will be bought and sold every day and its price can change very much per day. And with the help of a large number of holders for a long time, these jumps will come to a minimum. And for token holders in the future, they will receive a good profit, everyone will benefit. Approximately in a year, you can get 37.5 % annual reward. Compared to other tokens, this is not much, but the token will also grow, which will increase the profit of all holders.

Placement and distribution of the token

The token will be placed in the yuu. There users will be able to buy & sell, but the most important thing is that there is a convenient and intuitive interface and that new users who did not encounter the crypt were able to understand. tru will work every day and you can follow the price movement and buy & sell & open & close a deposit in it. In addition, you can easily transfer to Airspin and also withdraw and sell from there. Or you can hire, stack a token and track account deposits. You can also withdraw the token to another exchange at any time.

Distribution token

1st stage:The first step is a private sale. It will make up 25% of the total pool. But access to them will take place gradually. In the first week, 0% of the sold will be available. And then 2% per week.

2nd stage:The second step is to go public. The pre-sale of the token will amount to 16.67% of the total pool. But here 20% of the sold will be available. The rest will be available at 2% per week.

3rd stage:The third step is to go into a full public sale. 8.67% of the total pool will go on sale. But here 20% of the sold will be available. The rest will be available at 2% per week.

The rest will go to Staking(25%), Tokens for pools set up(16.67%),Payment operations(8.67%). All tokens will be opened and they can be used anywhere at once. A total of 30 million tokens will be issued.

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