What is it Sonar ?

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This is a platform that was created to prevent fraud from websites or applications that please investors.Due to the frequent use of unverified sites or applications, people cannot enter the market or those who have tried have lost money and are disappointed in the future of the cryptosphere.
1. Sonar provides full transparency and traceability of any market changes, also provides information and advanced tools for calculating the movement of the crypt. This is done to reduce trading risks and increase the prediction of profitable deals.
2.Sonar accepts any investors, regardless of their account or market position.

What sonar wants to do in its application.

They want to make the most multitasking platform in which it will be possible to check news, view influencing trends (includes intelligent AI aggregation from social media sources such as Reddit and Twitter), view the price chart (include price changes in the main CEX/DEXs of crypto assets), execute orders, and receive alerts about price changes (configure price changes in some range, work in the events for if/then functions condition) or token verification (assessing the security of the transaction, whether liquidity is blocked, the balance of the holder token). Sonar will replace the drives for trading: it will be possible to set a stop loss, profit trailing functions, asset Wallet with cross-chain. This can be done in the application on iOS or Android, an experienced trader can also find all the innovative tools for planning there. This is a small part of what Sonar will do. It will do all the work on the world Wide Web for you and send information to you in the application on your device or on the website. And you will only have to make a decision.

What give on each tier

0 Tier— Anyone can use it without having a PING token. It will receive Basic Asset Tracking Features and Analysis Features and a Watchlist.

1 Tier — Can use it having a 250,000 PING. It will receive Advanced Asset,Tracking Features,Advanced Asset Analysis Features with Watchlist, Function,Custom Token Dashboard,Basic Alerting Features,Automated Portfolio Tracking.

2 Tier — Can use it having a 500,000 PING. It will receive Access to all Sonar Asset Tracking Features, Analysis Features with Watchlist Function, Custom Token Dashboard, Advanced Asset Price Action Alert System, In-App Trade Execution for non Sonar Crypto Assets (In future), Trade Signals/Price Action Projections (In future).

The rates will be adjusted as the token grows.

Some statistics about the work of Sonar

A to-do list was compiled for the 3rd quarter. And the work began on the first day of July, and by the 18th of the same month everything was completed. The following was done from the list: whitepaper was written, create platform desing & prototyping, website design, unroll marketing plan, pre-sale on DxSale, Launch on Pancake Swap, Listing on CoinGecko, Listing on CoinMarketCap, Logo on Web3 Wallets and Pancake Swap, Techrate Audit, Listing on blockfolio. And here is the plan for Q4 and Q1 2022.


Sonar has issued 4 billion tokens and each will be distributed: 54.11% (private and public) for sale, 31.7% liquidity pool, 4% for founders, 4% for marketing and development, 3.4% will burn, 2% Research and Innovation, 0.79% DXSALE LAUNCH SERVICE. Everything that remains superfluous from the liquid pool, marketing and innovation will be sold at 10% commission. These 10% will be divided: 3% will be returned to the liquidity pool and the same 3% to the marketing and development of sonar, 2% will be returned to the token holders and the same 2% to the Sonar Innovation Lab wallet.

chief employees

The order of entering the market to avoid the fall of the token. The first is the resale of a token in the amount of 500,000, according to a random lottery in the first 30 minutes. If the token does not fall into the trap bots and the entire part is sold, then the entire pool goes to the market. For the sake of investors ‘safety, the creators’ wallets will be blocked and all transactions will be opened. And to ensure the devaluation, 135,956,350 tokens will be burned. It will be at a certain point, but not completely. For every 10,000 wallets, 13.6 million tokens will be burned. But now everything is already done and the token is being traded, this proves that the other strategies will work just as well. So now is the best period for investors, since one of the difficult stages is over and when the application is released and the site starts working at full capacity, the token will go into greater growth.

My opience

I believe that for people who have invested or want to invest money in the crypt, it is necessary to have such a service in their pocket. First, you will be the first to learn the news and will be able to minimize your losses or buy tokens that you have invested in to increase profits. Also, this platform will significantly reduce your time for collecting information. Secondly, you will not need a computer to quickly sell or buy to set a stop loss, this will all give you the opportunity to make money on price changes at any time. Third, you will receive comments and forecasts from the best analysts from around the world, and not just from the region in which you live, because you may not even know about them and Sonar will give you everything.

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